Firewood stocking complete for Winter 23/24 season

2 Nov 2023 3:00 PM | Laura Seaver (Administrator)

Contributed by Gary Elnan, CONC Firewood Coordinator

The firewood stocking is now completed for Swampy, ACDC, Swede, and Nordeen winter shelters.  We have stocked a total of 7.4 cords of firewood.  All of the efforts of the CONC volunteers and Deschutes NF folks is deeply appreciated.  We just need a bit more snow and away we go!

I tried to make a few measurements to track our stocking now and will measure again at the end of the winter season. Ideally, we can get to the point of knowing what we use on average at each shelter and stock only enough to use up completely during the winter months and leave no firewood leftover for summer use where it presents more fire hazards.

The firewood is mostly in front of each shelter and some stowed under benches.  Each has a plastic jar with matches, fire starter cubes, kindling, and newspaper to get a fire going.  The exterior firewood is well wrapped with lumber wrap kindly furnished by Miller Lumber.

Thanks to all who helped!   


  • 5 Nov 2023 4:49 PM | Anonymous
    I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU the many volunteers who made this season’s winter shelter firewood stocking a success. Swampy and ACDC can’t be driven to, so all labor is manual and must be completed at the Shelter location. Eric Ness, John Fertig, and Doug Williams cut rounds there from existing logs leftover from 2015 and wheelbarrowed the rounds into large piles at the shelter. Bob Hollister and Brady Sherwood of GearFix with CONC members John Fertig, Donna Barton, Vincent Pimont, Dave Prybylowski, and Louise Brown split the rounds using mauls and/or stacked the firewood. Swampy was stocked by late September. At ACDC, there was firewood remaining from last season. John Fertig and Gary Elnan split some rounds using mauls and stacked by early October. Swede had firewood remaining from last season and none was added. A crew of 3 from GearFix split existing rounds using mauls and stacked in early October. Warren Preston and Gary Elnan re-stacked and covered firewood at Swede by late October. CONC was able to utilize firewood rounds from the Forest Service for Nordeen. These rounds were split at the FS yard using a log splitter by Keith Martin and David McFarlane. This firewood was loaded onto a FS truck by Joe Welke and Grace of the FS, John Fertig, and David McFarlane then delivered to Nordeen. A crew of 7 CONC volunteers (Dave Prybylowski, David White, Rich and Renee Bumblis, and Jeff and Debbie Frankenberger) stacked firewood at Nordeen. I helped with all the efforts and covered all the firewood stacks with wood wrap. Being able to warm up with a wood fire makes skiing and snowshoeing to winter shelters very memorable and cozy. Thanks again!
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