February 2024 Social

9 Feb 2024 6:26 AM | Anonymous

Jerry Sebestyen organized a social at BTBS primarily to welcome new CONC members on Tuesday, February 6.  The concept that evolved from Warren's head was to have three information stations: "Gear", "Go Here", and "Volunteer".  We also limited attendance through a signup on the Event announcement, and Eileen supplied the two colors of name tags; one for new members and one for "old" to help club integration.

We kept gear to the basics (no AT or Tele) but with some snowshoes and new stuff (Xplore bindings) thrown in.  Most new members had a lot of questions about gear, so this basic repertoire really served the purpose.  The "Go Here" station was complemented by several maps, from the "One Map" to a few large format SnoPark maps.  A lot of discussion on where to snowshoe and where to go for the easy trails ensued.  The "Volunteer" station (attended by me) had few signups, but a lot of introductions and meeting new members, which was really the point!

The limited attendance (Eileen calculated about 50) was perfect for BTBS.  There was no shouting required like back in November when we overloaded the place.  As a consequence, discoveries like Ed and Mark finding out that they grew up within a few blocks of each other in Ithaca, NY were enabled.  And I got to meet my Crater Lake carpooling buddies, so I felt that the social aspect of the evening was definitely accomplished!  I hope everyone else in attendance felt the same.

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